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your children are a top priority TO US! 

That's why at Seeds Kids, we provide safe, fun, engaging, and age-appropriate discipleship and worship environments for ages 6 weeks through 6th grade.


  • 6 weeks - 2 years

  • 3 and 4 Years

  • 5 Years and Kindergarten

  • 1ST GRADE - 3rd grade

  • 4th grade - 6th grade

Each area is safe and staffed with background checked team members who have a passion to disciple up the next generation! Parents are given a security pick-up tag because children's safety is our top priority.

Download a PDF of the Seeds Kids Parent Handbook

Download a PDF of the Seeds Kids Parent Handbook

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Birth - 2 Years Old


No child is too young to learn about the Love of God. Just as a tiny newborn is spending those first precious weeks bonding with loving parents, so can we introduce an inseparable bond with the God who formed him/her. We want every child to learn about God and experience His love through our tender care. This is the perfect time to whisper prayers of hope and love over the children entrusted to us. As the babies begin to crawl and walk, we can build relationships that will reduce anxiety and grow their excitement to come to class. We want to build trust with these children in us as their teachers. Then we can then encourage their trust in Jesus! If they are safe and happy, we can spend our time joyfully singing praises, offering prayers and learning all we can about our Lord!


3 Years Old- Kindergarten


In our 3 Year Old - Kindergarten classrooms we will take students on a joy-filled journey each and every Sunday! They will learn about the timeline of the bible from Genesis to Revelation and learn exactly where Jesus is in each and every story. The students in this class will be able to identify where Jesus is all over the word of God and may even teach their parents some exciting information! We will learn these stories in fun and exciting ways that will include games, crafts, songs, declarations, and more! Your child can expect to not only learn about Jesus, but to encounter Him each and every week.

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1ST GRADE - 3rd Grade


Our First through 3rd grade class is designed to go deeper than your typical Kids Sunday School by using the Momentum Curriculum. Momentum is up-beat, exciting, and completely engaging for the mind, body, soul, and spirit! Each week we are going to be inviting Holy Spirit into the room and opening our ears to the words of The Lord and receiving from Him. This age group is going to learn scriptures and begin living them out so that The Word literally comes to life. They will worship in community with our 4h-6th grade class and learn to life their hands and their eyes to The Lord in song. Our classroom environment will be a safe place that parents can feel confident in the teachings upon your children.


4th GRADE - 6th Grade

 Our 4th through 6th graders will be using the Momentum Curriculum. Momentum is an experiential curriculum designed to push students further in their spiritual journey than they have ever gone before. Momentum uses the up-beat, engaging atmosphere of experiential teaching and combines it with the teachings of traditional learning. Students will participate in fun games, engaging worship, and interactive group times that will challenge them and empower them to live boldly for Christ. We see each student in this age group understanding the gifts, talents, power, and authority that God has given them and then operating freely in those. We see a grey world turning to vibrant God colors when these students walk in the room. We see these students beginning to understand who God has created them to be and then beginning to do what He has called them to do. 


Our 1st-6th graders have the opportunity to participate in the Advance Team program. Advance Team is a competition between students that spurs their understanding of God and His word. It is a in depth scripture study done from home where students can get points and prizes each week for completing!


Advance Team not only encourages students to study God’s word, but it also gets them comfortable with listening to God’s voice and speaking prophetically into people’s lives. Each level of Advance Team has two components, a handbook and quiet time journal. The journal is for daily reflection and the handbook is for in depth study and memorization.

Our Kids Team does not do this program just so kids can know scripture, while that is very important, we do it for the opportunity to help you at home develop an atmosphere of listening, receiving from, and learning more about the Father with your kids. Ask us this weekend how to get involved with Advance Team!



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