Many years ago, the holy spirit plantED a seed in our hearts. at the beginning of 2016, he began to water that seed.

There have been moments in our lives where we have felt the Holy Spirit leading us to take big steps. Often those big steps feel like giant leaps. Surely you have been there too, standing on the edge of what is and what could be, wondering if the risk will be worth it and wishing there was a "how-to" manual. Despite all the risk, we choose to simply trust and obey and take the leap into the unknown.

We let history be our guide and lean on the stories of old, like that of Abraham, who was called to leave his homeland to follow God’s blessing and plan. Abraham saw God prove himself faithful time and again through favorable and unfavorable circumstances. We have seen and can attest that God has and will continue to do the same for us.

Through a series of events over the past year, we began to ask ourselves if God was calling us to plant a church. Through constant prayer, seeking wisdom from others, and being encouraged to press on, we desired to hear God’s voice and be guided by His hand. We believe that God has spoken clearly.

In the Fall of 2017 we ARE planting a church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Seeds Church.

God has planted an incredible vision in our hearts for the city of Murfreesboro and we are eager to see what He has in store for Seeds Church. This is a story He is only just beginning to tell.

God has already begun to assemble a team of incredible people from Middle Tennessee and across the country to help launch Seeds Church.

Our best days are ahead!

JD and Jamé Swilley