We see thousands of men, women, and children in Middle Tennessee equipped and empowered to BUILD THE KINGDOM Of God on Earth as IT is in heaven.

God created every one of us to be a seed. His intention for our lives is to bear the fruit of that seed. Seeds Church is about walking side-by-side, discovering who God created each of us to be. Together we'll grow into maturity as our lives bear the fruit that God planned. 

Steps That Produce Lasting Fruit:

  • Follow Jesus - We need to cultivate a personal relationship with God, which helps us desire to do His will. 
  • Experience Freedom - When we walk together down the path of following Christ, we will find freedom from the issues that stunt our God-given potential.
  • Discover Purpose - God has given each of us spiritual gifts with specific purposes, because we are a part of His plan to bring heaven to earth.
  • Make A Difference - One of life's greatest joys comes from knowing we are making a difference doing what God created us to do.