Providing a safe, fun and engaging environment for kids to discover who God has called them be and to do what God has called them to do.


At Seeds Church,
your children are a top priority

At Seeds Kids, we provide safe, fun, engaging, and age-appropriate discipleship and worship for children, 6-weeks-old through 6th grade.

ministry environments:

  • 6 weeks - 2 years

  • 3 years - 5 years

  • Kindergarten - 3rd grade

  • 4th grade - 6th grade


Each area is safe and staffed with background checked team members who love to disciple up the next generation! 

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Download a PDF of the Seeds Kids Parent Handbook

Download a PDF of the Seeds Kids Parent Handbook


Every week at Seeds Kids you should expect a loving, freeing, and strengthening atmosphere. Your child will leave feeling loved by us and by God himself. We want your kids to gain a true understanding that they have been created with a purpose, they have been created to do good things, and that God is with them every step of they way. Each weekend, the idea that they are powerful, anointed, and loved should ring through their ears and their hearts. Below is the way that we hope to engage their thoughts and minds around this very idea:

Fun and Engaging Activities:

Every single week your child will experience engaging activities that appeal to their senses, their minds, and their hearts. These games all tie into the lessons they are learning, so while they are having a good time, they are also gaining an understanding of who God is. These games include things like tag, human knots, marble extravaganza, and more! We have hundreds of game they will encounter that will challenge them, but also create an extremely fun atmosphere!


We believe worship is a personal connection that far surpasses anything we could do as teachers. Worship is an intimate and exciting time with God. Your child will have the opportunity every week to dance, sing, jump, and shout praises to the Father who loves them. In turn, he will reveal himself personally to them. Worship is extremely important to us and we believe our worship times are powerful and anointed. Your students will have a BLAST with our amazing worship team and leaders!

Engaging Teaching:

  • Every week in Seeds Kids your child will be taught the word of God passionately and deeply.

  • We will start at the earliest age introducing them to God's word and then as they grow they will

  • begin to recognize and understand where they fit in God's word. By the time they leave Seeds Kids, they will have a deep knowledge of who God is and how His word applies to their world.

Safe Atmospheres:

Safety is of the utmost importance to us here at Seeds Kids. We believe that each child deserves the very best care we can give and at Seeds Church we will be providing that. We have some of the best security in all of Tennessee and also some of the most well trained staff out of anywhere in Middle Tennessee. Your children are important to us and we want you to rest easy when they are in our care. They will be cared for, loved on, and protected at the highest standards. In addition to providing a physically safe atmosphere, we hope to provide a spiritually safe atmosphere where your children can share and learn with one another and with Seeds Kids Team Members freely.

We believe with this safe atmosphere your kids will experience freedom and love at the highest levels.


We are so thankful that you visited us and we hope that you make Seeds Church your home and your community! Seeds Kids is growing and expanding and we will have many great things in the works coming up. Here are a few things you can do to get started with Seeds Kids:

  1. Text 810-10 with the words "join seedskids" OR download the "Remind" iOS app or Android on your phone and enter the code "seedskids." This will send you updates on what's happening in the Seeds Kids Ministry!
  2. Follow Seeds Church TN on Spotify Music (it's free!) iOS App or Android  and go to the "Seeds Church KIDS" playlist! These are the songs your Elementary Age students will be worshipping to each week. Play them in your car, in your house, or wherever you are!
  3. There will be classes for kids and parents, family engaging activities, and much more coming up in the life of the Seeds Kids Ministry, so make sure you stay updated with us!

We pray an overflow of blessing upon you and your family. May Gods face shine upon you and may His love bring you perfect peace, clarity, and joy in each season you step into.


Birth - 2 Years Old

No child is too young to learn about the Love of God. Just as a tiny newborn is spending those first precious weeks bonding with loving parents, so can we introduce an inseparable bond with the God who formed him/her. We want every child to learn about God and experience His love through our tender care. This is the perfect time to whisper prayers of hope and love over the children entrusted to us. As the babies begin to crawl and walk, we can build relationships that will reduce anxiety and grow their excitement to come to class. We want to build trust with these children in us as their teachers. Then we can then encourage their trust in Jesus! If they are safe and happy, we can spend our time joyfully singing praises, offering prayers and learning all we can about our Lord!



3 Years Old- 5 Years Old

Just as a seedling sprouts to life, so shall we prepare our 3-5 year old children to grow with God. As the foundation of God's love is established in our children, we can begin to nurture them in their spiritual growth. We are excited to engage children, with faith-filled action by providing upbeat activities, praise and prayer. We want to teach them about the God who loves them, and His son Jesus who was born to be with them always! This is a wonderful time to love and serve God's children as their excitement and wonder in the Gospel is literally Sprouting to life.



K- 3rd Grade

Our kindergarten through 3rd grade class is designed to go deeper than your typical Kids Sunday School. Each week we are going to be inviting Holy Spirit into the room and opening our ears to the words of The Lord. This age group is going to learn scriptures and begin living them out so that The Word literally comes to life. They will worship in community with our 4h- 6th grade class and learn to life their hands and their eyes to The Lord in song. Our classroom environment will be a safe place that parents can feel confident in the teachings upon your children.

Momentum Logo

4th- 6th Grade

Our 4th through 6th graders will be using the Momentum Curriculum. Momentum is an experiential curriculum designed to push students further in their spiritual journey than they have ever gone before. Momentum uses the up-beat, engaging atmosphere of experiential teaching and combines it with the teachings of traditional learning. Students will participate in fun games, engaging worship, and interactive group times that will challenge them and empower them to live boldly for Christ. We see each student in this age group understanding the gifts, talents, power, and authority that God has given them and then operating freely in those. We see a grey world turning to vibrant God colors when these students walk in the room. We see these students beginning to understand who God has created them to be and then beginning to do what He has called them to do.


Austin Wiseman  Seeds Kids Director

Austin Wiseman
Seeds Kids Director

Hello Friends! 
Welcome to the Seeds Kids Family! We welcome you in with open arms and open hearts to a community that loves, cares for, and serves. Our passion and heart is to see your child encounter the love of God in a deep and rich way that leaves them changed forever.

Your child will be blessed, stretched, challenged, and deeply loved by our staff, volunteers, and by God himself each time they step into our doors. We want to see your child grow in marvelous and miraculous ways. Your students will learn things here that will not only equip them to lead Christ minded lives, but will also inspire them for their God ordained futures. Dreams will be implanted in their hearts and minds while here in Seeds Kids, and training to act upon those dreams will occur along with it.

We are looking forward to watching your child gain an understanding of who they are, how deeply they are loved by The Father, and then begin to walk in their anointing and power, given to them by the Creator.

I personally want to welcome you to this amazing move of God. We can't wait to pour into your family unit as a whole, and help you in any capacity and any step of the way that we can. You are valued and so loved by us here at Seeds Kids! 

Welcome to the family!!

Bailey Holcomb  Worship Coordinator

Bailey Holcomb
Worship Coordinator

Hi there!
My name is Bailey Holcomb, and I am the Seeds Kids Worship Coordinator. I will have the honor of introducing and leading your children into living a lifestyle of worship throughout their time in Seeds Kids. Worship is a place where healing is released, chains are broken, and people encounter God’s love with boldness and freedom. I am a strong believer that our kids can, and will, encounter and know the same God that their parents are experiencing. I am so excited and honored to help your children grow deeper into God’s word, to watch them step into the freedom and power God gives them, and to see them begin leading their friends, neighbors, and city into the love that they are encountering every week. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for us!!

Welcome to Seeds Kids! My name is Adrianna Douglas and I am the lead coordinator for this age group!! I am married to Blake and we have 2 boys, Elijah and Jeremiah. I have been a part of Children’s Ministry for 12 years and have had the opportunity to work with various age groups and on different teams. I am honored to have the opportunity to teach and care for your children! I am very excited to see the Lord stir the hearts of the children as we learn about His heart and His Word. My prayer is for Seeds Kids to provide a safe place for each student to build a personal and unique relationship with the Godhead!  Adrianna Douglas, Birth - 2 Year Olds Coordinator

My name is Laura Mangiofico. I’m a Realtor here in Middle Tennessee, as well as a dog mom to my 2 fur-babies. I’m so blessed and excited to be a part of Seeds Church, and specifically, Seeds Kids (3-5 year olds). My hope is that they are able to hear His Word, know His love, and experience His presence. I pray that your children would feel the presence of God and begin to operate in the prophetic mindset. They will feel loved, encouraged, and empowered each time they leave our class! I am so happy to be able to love on your amazing kids!! Laura Mangiofico, 3-5 Year Olds Coordinator

For me, working with children began as a volunteer opportunity with my home church when I was 20 years old. Through this, God began to reveal the path he had for me, which eventually became so clear that I went back to school to obtain a teaching degree. As rumors of Seeds Church began, there was no confusion that this church is where I would use my passion and degree. I plan to use this opportunity to share the love of Jesus with every child that walks through the doors. My desire is for each of them to experience a personal relationship with The Lord and to exemplify and live out the phrase, "faith like a child." Parker Dunn, K-3rd Grade Coordinator

Hello! My name is Blake Douglas. I am married to Adrianna Douglas, the Birth-2 Year Olds Coordinator, and we have 2 boys, Eli and Jeremiah. I've taught using the Momentum curriculum for over five years. I love this curriculum because it keeps students engaged physically and mentally. I love teaching 4th - 6th grade because the kids are young in that they still want to play games, run around and have fun, but they also grasp deep, profound concepts. I am so excited to get to know your child even more as time goes on. Our class will cause them to think, but also will be a time of amazing fun! Blake Douglas, 4th-6th Grade Coordinator