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We Have a Spot For You!

City Groups have one, simple purpose: to bring people together. We believe God created us to live in relationship with others and only then can we live the full life He intends for us. Sharing life through community is part of our design, but meaningful relationships aren’t always easy to find. That’s why City Groups exist—to make these life-changing relationships relevant and accessible to you.

Our Fall semester kicks off the second week of September.

Signs up will go live on Sunday, August 14, 2019.


You’ve probably seen City Groups meeting and not even realized it. A city group looks like friends at lunch, teams playing basketball, or people studying a book or topic of interest. At its core, a city group is a small gathering of people, and it is less about what you do and more about who you do it with. By participating in City Groups, you can expect to connect with others through a common activity, engage in life giving conversation and request prayer.


Our City Groups meet for three semesters a year—winter/spring, summer and fall. During the semester, most groups meet once a week. City Groups are meant to bring meaning and community into the flow of your life, so even if you can’t attend every meeting, there is still great value in joining a group.


City Groups happen throughout Murfreesboro and surrounding areas of Middle Tennessee.


Most City Groups meet for a semester, though new people are always welcome and can join easily. Also, the semester format allows you to try multiple groups each year. As relationships form, some groups choose to stay together for consecutive semesters, but new members are always welcome.


Childcare varies from group to group. When you search our directory for a group, the group profile will indicate if childcare is available, if it is child friendly with the kids playing in the same room and what childcare looks like in that group.


The truth is, not everyone will find the best fit with the first group they try. This is why we encourage you to select a few groups that interest you, connect with the group hosts and try out a couple different groups before choosing the best one for you. The simple strategy to finding success in City Groups is to not give up. We believe there is a group that is right for everyone—including you!

Who Can Be part of a city group?

Anyone who has a heart to connect to God, connect to others, and grow spiritually and relationally in a safe environment with others who are seeking the same. Someone does not have to attend Seeds to connect in one of our city groups.

Is there a cost to participate in City Groups?

There is no cost to participate in City Groups, but some groups may have materials costs. All material costs will be listed in the City Group Directory. Scholarships are always available for book study costs by contacting us through

What if I can’t commit to being at every group meeting?

We want you to know it is still worth it in joining a city group. Part of doing life together is dealing with work schedules, but you are always welcome to join in when you can. Communication is key in city group life. Just let your city group host know that you most likely will not be able to attend regularly.

What times do City Groups meet?

City Group Hosts set the meeting day and time for their group. We will have groups that meet throughout the week, weekends and even some who meet before Sunday service. 

What if there are only two or three people in a group?

City groups are not about the sizes of the groups but about the connections in the group. Some groups will have a few people in it and will continue to grow through invites while some may start out with a larger group. We do not want to dictate the size of groups, but allow them to grow or stay smaller based on that group's needs.

will outreach or missions be part of City Groups?

Seeds Church will have opportunities as part of our Take the City Serve Days that all city groups can participate in as well as the freedom to serve together in the city anytime they choose to as a group. Some groups will serve more in our city than others, while some may not do much outreach at all. We want each group to have the freedom to focus on what that group needs each semester.

Are City Groups broken down by ages and gender?

Our hope is that we have multiple opportunities for all ages to be in community whether it is during our worship and prayer Wednesdays, a bible study, or something like an art group. We allow City Group Hosts to choose what type of group they want to host, giving a wide variety women, men, married, single, young adult, youth, and hobby type groups.

How are group cancellations handled?

Should a city group need to be cancelled due to weather or an emergency, group members will be contacted via email as well as text message if possible. As a general rule, if Rutherford County Schools classes have been cancelled then that day's City Groups will be cancelled as well.