Creative Group

Focus: Growing our creativity, connection, and knowledge of our creator.
Day & Time: Sundays @ 5:30pm
Location: The Snook's home in the 37060 area
Host: Charity Snook
Heart & Purpose: You were created by the Creator, in the image of the Creator, therefore you have the ability to create. The group is designed to be a fun time of food, fellowship, and of discovering creative ways to find passions, gifts and talents we want to develop or didn’t even know we had. All to find new ways to acknowledge God and His creative handiwork. Also to encourage each other and help each other find ways to utilize those gifts and talents to be an inspiration and encouragement to others. The goal is to open your eyes to new ways you can be creative and encourage you to find hidden gifts and talents that you can use to bring Glory to God in your everyday life.
Supplies: Needs will vary. Contact Charity for further details.
No Cost // Pitch-in for Childcare as Needed // Co-ed
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