Bible Reading Group

Focus: Allowing God to speak over us as we read scripture
Day & Time: Mondays @ 6:15pm
Location: The Bullington's home in the 37129 area
Hosts: Matthew & Meagan Bullington
Heart & Purpose: We know Mondays can be overwhelming at times, so we want to start the work week allowing God’s Word to wash over us. We will be reading long passages, chapters and whole books of the Bible uninterrupted, and listening to what the Spirit speaks to us. You can come at 6:15 to join in a potluck and fellowship, or just jump in at 7:00 with our worship and reading time. Children are welcome, we have an area for them to play in or can jointly hire a babysitter depending upon group size/needs. We will end promptly at 8:30. Open to all!
No Cost // Child Friendly // Co-ed // No supplies needed except Bible
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