Ready to welcome God into your parenting and family relationships and have your home reflect God's heart?

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  • Start Any Week You Want: Each of the 8 sessions is complimentary to prior and follow-up sessions, but can be watched in any order. 
  • You don't have to even put on "real" clothes or take a shower! For some seasons of parenting, this is the biggest WIN! Since it is a one-way video, you don't have to "get ready" or worry about participants seeing all the distractions happening behind your webcam because your webcam will never be on or used.
  • Watch Where You Are: You can watch or listen to the webinar no matter where you are at. This means you can be at your kid's soccer practice and have your Zoom App Open and your ear buds in getting biblical parenting training.
  • Noise Doesn't Matter: You don't have to worry to about noise from "real life" of your household being an issue because you will be muted and everyone's submits their parenting and relationship questions the last 10 minutes of the weekly webinar via typing.
  • No Sitter Required: Your kids can be playing in the same room with you while you are growing in godly parenting.
  • Re-watch Later: All webinars will be recorded and you will be given a login in case you want to go back to rewatch them, have your spouse, care-givers watch them or share them with a friend.
  • It's FREE: We are able to offer all of our webinars free to anyone as a direct result of financial support of churches and individuals to our ministry. Financial gifts are always welcome , but never required to participate in our discipleship and outreach at 


  • Real life teaching that helps discover God's truth in his heart of parenting.
  • A safe place to ask questions as we take the last 10 minutes of each session to receive participants questions.
  • Optional PDF Notes provided each week for you to be able to print at home or save to your device to reference later.
  • Weekly activations to implement in your parenting style and into your family dynamic.
  • Weekly Personal & Family Devotions of scripture to help you learn how to actively establish your house as a house of prayer, discipleship and peace.
  • Weekly Scripture Declarations to help you discover the power of praying scripture over your home as well as learning to self-discipline of staying rooted in God's Word for your family's identity.
  • Family Retreat Invite in the future as we plan on a weekend getaway to be encouraged in the life-giving role of parenting and family relationships. * This will have a cost, but as always, we will try to keep cost minimal so more families can attend.